Burning crusade install issue

I have installed and updated WoW classic fully but when the 2nd disk for burning crusade goes in it stops at around 64 to 77% and it just said that it is not responding, ive checked i have enough space, I have tried to install it for about the 6th time and im needing help!

This sounds more like something for the technical support forums to be found here - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/874936/

If you have been playing Warcraft in the last 5 months you dont need to run any disks, everything will be up to date, or nearly up to date.

If you need install to just go to battle.net and install Warcraft from there and it will update automatically from the internet, those disks are very out of date and most of Warcraft has been updated, if you have a cataclysm disk, use that. It doesnt have to be your disk someone elses will do.

Yep, installing any of the installation disks prior to Cataclysm will break the game, uninstall and reinstall using a cataclysm disk or the online installer.

where can i find a EU TBC install client because i bought TBC last week from blizzard amazon and i have an activation code (and i dont have cata or wrath

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