WoW issues with new patch

Recently, or since the patch 4.1.1 (or something the first fix to patch 4.1, you know the week later? Anyway, since then, I have had a major issue with graphics. Not only is there a lot of graphics problems from afar with surfaces "fanning out", as in, its not rendering properly, but my graphics on my computer are just as bad now.

My computer has allowed me to play World of Warcraft at 60 fps on good/high settings, all of which were the recommended settings. But since the noted patch (see above , if i try to put the setting back to what they were, weird things happen to the game. Its like the middle of my screen is trying to suck in everything thats not part of the actual game. Bars, maps, writing is just gone, and pixelated to the middle of the screen. No characters appear, and i cant do anything to the game at all. Everything goes pixelated, and then my computer blue screens. Its very strange.

If i have the settings on fair, it works fine but without the added effects. There is nothing wrong with my graphics card or computer, and all the drivers are up to date and working fine.

I cant send any screen shots, as my computer crashes whenever it changed from "fair" to "good". Whats the problem? almost 2 years of playing on high quality, and now i have to resort to "fair"?


It would be useful to retrieve and post the following details:

- Operating System and Service Pack
- CPU and RAM
- Graphic adapter and drivers
- Sound adapter and drivers
- Network adapter and drivers
- Security software

This article will help you retrieve this information:

OP - Win 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1, build 7600

CPU - AMD athlon 7550 Dual-core Processor (2 CPUs, 2.5GHz

3072MB RAM

DirectX 11

Graphics card - Nvidia GeForce GT 220 (driver version (Cant read what main driver says, all that I can read is nvd3dum.dll,nvwgf2um.dll,nvwgf2um

sound card - speakers (realtek High Definition Audio (driver - RTKVHDA.sys, Version 6.00.0001.5910 (english

Network adapter - NVIDIA nForce 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

Currently running on AVG anti-virus for security, should be upgrading to Norton soon though.

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