need som help here!, after I downloaded the latest patch, I logged in on my character as usally, but sudenly I wa lagging like hell and didnt know what the problem was, so I logged out and went for a relog. The only thing what happened then, was a crash error. It says "failed to download infromation about the next patch. check your network connection. and annothers says"cannot stream archive data. please check the network connection", the problem is that I got network on and it works fine, I can go skype, youtube and do all others stuf thats need connection to internett. please help me what is going on?, (ive also tried to remove and install world of warcraft

Same problem here. I was able to play fine yesterday, internet was down for a few hours today and now I get the error message when I get to the "success" screen on WoW.

Im on Talk Talk broadband, playing on Windows 7 if that information helps.

Edit: Was about to log after about half an hour

Deleted by Gamerunknown

Same here WAT DO I DO?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive waited for the next day and it still wont let me go on wow wat to do???!!!!


Please work through these steps:

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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