Problems with the rising lava at Nefarian.

Ok, so Ive had this weird problem for a while. When the nefarian encounter reaches face2, lava rises in the room, and were supposed to swim up from it and get on to some pillars. The problem for me though, is that the lava appears much slower than for other people.

So Ill be standing there next to my pillar. Suddenly, I can see how the people around me start swimming up towards the pillar in the air. I cant see any lava, and I cant swim. The lava is there though, cause I take damage, and start stacking the debuff. About when the other people get out of the lava, it starts slowly appearing at my feet, and I can get out of it with around 10 stacks of the debuff.

Its not a lag issue. Ive never had more than 40 ping during the encounter, and my fps is not the issue either (Ive never droped below 30 at least. It does not seem to happen all the time. The first time I noticed it, I restarted World of Warcraft, and the problem was fixed for the rest of the night. The last time it happened though, restarting didnt solve the problem. I first had this problem a few months back, so its not related to the patch.

If it helps, I THINK Ive noticed similar behaviour with elevators in different parts of WoW. Sometimes it seems like other people have them moving at a much higher speed and get off it while Im still in the middle of the ride.

There is a similar thread to yours with the exactly same issue where I have provided some troubleshooting steps for you to try. Please follow those steps and respond in that thread with the results.

Im locking this thread now so we will have all the information in one place about this issue you and the other player are experiencing.

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