After 4 years I cant login, I will quit this game

I use mac, I have a Macbook and a imac. Since friday 05/06/2011 I cant login in game, I got stuck on "connecting". My rooter is fine, my firewall is fine, my web connection is fine.
I saw alot posts about the same problem, and blizz dont make any post about it. I can play in weekends, my son got more free time to play. For me is frustrating to pay a service and it dont work.

Any idiot can do a great work with alot resource and tools, but only truly professional can done a great work with limited resources.
I cant understand how a big company with alot resources can destroy this product(game, and each time worst.

A great man, american musician called Charles Mingus told one time:
Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, thats creativity.

My oldest char in game is a hunter, I started in TBC times, and my son have a chars since Wotlk, we talked about quit wow and both agree is better quit. Tomorrow we will cancel the wow account, I dont believe blizz will fix this problem in soon.

Thank you blizzard

p.s. Sorry about grammar, but english not is my native language

Blizzard, thank you for nothing.

Your net maybe aint as fine as you think.

....Tomorrow we will cancel the wow account....

I am sorry but

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