Random WoW freezes

hello, ive been playing WoW for some time and about 1 week ago the game started to randomly freeze. Usually it was in SW, but also happened in other random locations (even when flying a gryphon. I didnt seem to find anything about that in the forums/support so i decide to write in here and hope to get the answer. I hope that the answer will not include something like "re-install the game", because it takes long and it takes up my internet bandwidth which is quite limited and used by a lot of people in the house. Please help me!

does it freeze and, then your screen goes black for 5 secs?

no, it just freezes and nothing happens, the sound is still going(only can hear music or what i was doing, like a loop of same sound. I should have added that after the first freeze it takes less and less time before it freezes again while the shortest time before freeze is just when the loading bar fills up after character selection, it just stays at the full bar and nothing happens. Sometimes even a restart of my laptop doesnt help... I really hope that i will get to play it again without problems ^^

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