Mobile Broadband Gaming issues.


I have been trying a mobile brodband internet connection via a USB modem in order to play World of Warcraft. It seems to be fine for the first 5-8 minutes (around 80 ms , even during peak hours but then something really strange happens. Once 5-8 mins of gameplay have passed, i get a huge "Stuck" . That means that everything stops moving , skills are unable to be used etc BUT without getting a disconnect and with other players in game being able to see me casting spells moving etc. So summing this up, i am unable to see my self in my screen playing but others can . Any ideas if that is fixable? And If it is how ?

Thx in advance.

It does not sound like a connection issue but one related to your gaphics appearing to freeze.

Your internet connection is only used to talk to the server, all graphics are rendered client side using the power of your computer.
Are you getting any graphical problems at other times and have you taken any steps to troubleshoot the issue yourself yet?

No, no graphical problems at all at other times and well i cant imagine any way to troubleshoot the issue . Things like being always said as remove wtf cache and interface folders wont work , fowarding the ports neither .

Bear in mind that tis happens to multiple pcs , so it doesnt have to do with pcs graphics.

Have you updated your graphic drivers?
Have you checked your system temps to check for overheating?
If your freezing locally then the problem is not related to the use of mobile internet.
I use it right now, and while not perfect it does all me to play.

The only thing I can think of it that your trying to stream data during play and its causing issues for you. Mobile internet is slow and problematic at some types of download I have found.

Bear in mind that tis happens to multiple pcs , so it doesnt have to do with pcs graphics.

Also when i am talking about a huge " stuck" i am refering to a situation that doesnt mean a freeze, it most like seems when someone lags ( u can move but u cant use abillities, also the environment wont refresh like other players running by standing stll etc . The wierd thing is that happens only to my screen , other players can see me real time moving and casting spells.

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