Downtime and now getting kicked off server

Come on guys, we had the login server problems recently and now I keep getting booted off my server and cannot log on again for a time after. Happened 4 times now in the last few hours. As I paying customer I dont appreciate so much unexpected downtime with no compansation.

Have you tried disabling addons, delting the WTF, cache and interface folders?

If the answer is no- go do it. If your still having problems, then come back and slam doors and stomp your feet.

Posted by Ginkomatsu

Its a BT thingy.

I have a thread already on it, were all talking about it there.

Ok thanks alot yeah I tried all the usual tricks before posting here, and I dont understand the flame fest. Just saying any other games (inculding alot of ones who dont have subscription charges usually compensate their customers for unexpected downtimes (talking about login server here not my maybe BT related DCs.

Also at no point did I throw my toys out the pram or imply I was the ONLY paying customer.

Thankyou Kitsu I have checked your thread but what I dont undersand is Rift works fine, Eve Online works fine, internet pages work fine, but WoW Im getting DCs. Cant see it all being BTs fault and Ill be damned if Im going to go though hours of Indian call centres to get no answer.

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