Rebirth of the K.E.F. - A decoration in my q log?

This quest in Blackrock Depths Upper City can not be turned in without the help of others in party. And getting a pug to help you is about as likely as coming across a talking rock with superpowers in real life.

The quest NPC has the worst location to be at in the whole Azeroth - between about 95% of the instances length and the room with mobs that respawn in less than a minute.

It would take a fair amount of time to run throught the instance to get there, and that would only be possible if the mobs had not respawned or, like in my case, the whole instance reset the second I died to get to the beginning (since, thanks to another great idea from Blizzard, teleporting out would cause the instance to vanish and no option to teleport back.

I simply can not comprehend the reason behind the NPCs location. So maybe this quest is something Im supposed to hang on my wall inside a nice frame...

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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