Game freez chat working after 2-3min DC

Well i run my game and after somethink like 20sec my game freez.
Chat working like 2min and then i have dc changing options dont working i have new drivers also i have try delete cahce etc... nothink work

If you are having connection issues can you please provide:

Town and Country :
Network Adapter Make and Model :
Modem/Router Make and Models :

A path ping to your realm:

Town and Country: Prague, Czech
Network Adapter: Huawei E160
Path ping- idk why but dont working.
I have this problems ONLY when i use this huawei E160 when i am on DSL there is no problem.Oh and by the way i dont have any connection issue with this modem ^^ game freez chat working (all addons off and then i have dc. but i try downloading when i am playing and it is still working also my connection dont turn off or do somethink wired.

That should be your modems drivers that dont like your os system, try to update them

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