Screen mess-up, WoW crash

Good evening,

as of today, Ive been having awkward World of Warcraft crashes. All of a sudden, my entire screen (I play windowed freezes, showing up clusters of red pixels that make it look like a chess board.

The problem also exists when I try to play Minecraft or Team Fortress 2.

The music Im playing through iTunes simply keeps playing. After about 10 seconds, my screen turns black, then on again, where world of warcraft does not respond anymore and has to be force quit. Having a YouTube video run in the background caused it to become a green box where its supposed to be displaying the video. The sound, however, doesnt stop.

Ive been searching for several hours so far, without any luck. Anyone here who may know what is causing this problem is welcome to give it a shot.

Edit: Trying to make a screenshot of this causes it to turn out as a pitch black box.

/ Verus

Sounds like a heat problem, download this: open it before you fire up a game then report back what your graphic temps are after playing for awhile.

Hello Verus,

In addition to Lois advice please make sure that you update your graphic card drivers. Before installing the newest availiable drivers please make sure that you remove your current drivers.

Wanted to try this out this morning only to find out my laptop would now crash during the startup already, called the Medion helpdesk which told me it was my graphics card being broken.

Thanks for the responses either way!

/ Verus

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