Serious issue with my profile and WoW remote


This character Im posting with is already deleted! Which is probably part of my problem.

Ive deleted this char and made an undead Mage on Xavius with the same name (Osveny.

Firstly, my new undead mage is not presented on my characters list on this website, which is strange because Ive been playing with it for days now, and Its lvl 31 now. (while this human mage Osveny Arathor realm lvl 43 is presented, but its deleted already!

Even stranger is that i can use WoW Remote application with my Undead Mage (Osveny, Xavius realm, like using the auction house and everything works except for one thing: the guild chat feature. Whenever i try to log in to it it says "Guild Chat Error,, Character not found". And i have to say, guild chat works with every other character i have, except for Osveny, Xavius realm.

I dont understand whats going on here.

So please help me to fix this issue, because i have subscribed to wow remote, and i want to use it fully.


Hello Osveny,

We are experiencing some issues with the website updates and are looking into this. These issues are causing delays with the armory updates which is why your deleted character still appears as active and you cant use your new character for some of the website services.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.

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