Constant DCing

Ever since the last patch i seem to be doing nothing but DCing
Is any one else having this prob?
Im on Burning Steppes
Running on Windows 7

Im guessing youre on BT?

Hello Morki,

What internet connection do you use?

If you have a router do you connect to it using a cable or wireless connection?

Do you use 3rd party addons with your World of Warcraft game client?

Please also paste your trace route report in this thread. Instructions how to create it can be found here:

Posted by Harksa


I suffer from the odd DC. No more than once every 4 hours so i can live with it tbh. Few weeks back i was having issues with latency spikes and screen freezes.

I have since done a few things which has smoothed out my game play nicely.

(Im on Vista btw- i know, i need new OS

I had PCtools Spyware doctor running in the backround- disabling this while playing helped alot.

Got rid of my addons, DBM seemed to cause me the most issues. As i only pvp it wasnt so bad losing it. I now only run with bar tender.

Connect the cable to router! I had run wirelesly for so long i was adamant this wasnt causing issues- but it helps alot!

I also opened the ports on my router. I use bt with home hub so a quick google explained how to do it. I live in a rural location close to my exchange so BT has always been good for me, however in built up areas i have heard of BT choking broadband during peak hours.

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