launcher cannot obtain patching information...

hey all,

After the 4.0.6 patch I started to get this error various times , I checked other posts abot this topic but couldnt find anything helpful . This error comes up in different times . ex: I was raiding throne of the four winds and suddenly when I wnter the raid and while the sceen was loading .I gor dced and when I tryed to log in it shows all the server offline only couple of em but when I also try to log into them it keeps gettin dced . Then I closed wow and open launcher but then it gives this error. Today I am trying to open wow but for hours it still keeps givin this error. Is it about the addonns? or somethin with my connection? I read that its about blizzard if it is pls help!!



Are you behind a proxy connection or have you checked if Internet Explorer is current in off-line mode.

well I am kinda noob how can i check them and I am usin morzilla

Check this sticky post out as it may give a few helpful pointers.

i have had the same problem now for about a week and im getting really mad now i have done everything blizz say and nothing i have payed ?20 for the portforward program and still nothing!!

so let alone that im losing money for wow not been able to play but i have also lost ?20 trying to get it to work!!

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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