Unable To Access PTR

I am actually resposting this here...
I posted it in Technical Support and it was Redirected. I clearly stated that due to the nature of my problem, it is a Technical Support issue, but i am guessing it wasnt actually read?

I am writing this because after many weeks, i am unable to access the PTR using this account, where as my girlfriend is able to access it fine on her account.

Can i please be given access to the PTR? It is pretty annoying that the only testing i am able to do is with a premade on an account that isnt even my own ;/

Basically whenever i log in, i only get the option to pick the Language of Devlopment, and then no realms show (goes without saying, i dont have devlopment rights :p... On my girlfriend account she has 2 options
WoW1: Gives her access to the sever
WoW2: Doesnt grant option giving the same as when i try to log in.

I hope a techy is able to fix this, as i guess it would be a technical support problem due to it being an issue with my actual account.

This is an issue with my account. No player nor myself is able to fix this, only a Blizzard Employee is, so i would kindly ask this to be treated as a Technical Support issue instead of moved again and left to rot.
I do not ask for much from Blizzard, so i feel that asking someone from Technical Support to grant my account the rights to access PTR is not a bad or unjustified request.
Thank you.


Unfortunately we do not provide technical assistance for the PTR. Furthermore, if you are allegedly experiencing account issues, then you may want to get in touch with our Account and Payment support department:

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