Random Crashes and DirectX Issues


Recently the option to change the directx has been added in game. Not knowing that one could change this before, manually, a guildie told me about it. It works well, and fps is better and all that, except for the fact that the settings always go to directx 9 when I exit the game, and I believe more specifically, when I turn off the computer.
Because just about every time I turn WoW when I want to play, the directx reverted back to 9, instead of staying at 11.
Any known issues around this?

Also, when I try and go from fullscreen mode to window mode, a crash often happens. This has happened to my attention at least, when it is on directx 9, but I think it also happens on 11.

A last thing is that I encounter some lag issues in dungeons. Havent checked other threads about this, but I wont make a big deal about the lag.

Anyway, would like some help for the crashes and directx issues.

Hi Im a dwarf!

And I have the same problem!

What graphics card you got?


Can you post the full error please?

since the new patch iv been having alot of lagg and random crashes...???

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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