Security System - too many lockouts


Today, I had yet another "suspicious account usage" message, followed by the usual account lockout.
Im sure Blizz has this in place with good intentions, because, lets face it, WoWs average user age is surely not as high as EVEs, so some immaturity is unavoidable.
Note: I understand why the safeguard is in place. To some extent, i even agree with it.
However, let me clarify as to why its a complete and utter nuisance to me:

I work at home. 2 PCs, 2 MACs, 1 Linux. And 2 ISPs for redundancy. As a CTO and programmer, i need this environment.
As such, this is MY environment.
I make the choices on it, and i friggin use it however/whenever i deem as necessary.
I paid for it. Ok, the Checkpoint Firewall (yeah, oldschool hardware firewall was a gift, but obviously it does not make the WoW client automagically know im a security freak and stop locking me out.

The WoW client brings hell on earth to my playing (well, hell on Orgrimmar:

- if i switch computers, with the same IP, "account locked out". I wonder why this happens with the same IP and why is WoWs client so adamant about my OS and hardware. Seems overzealous.

- if i switch IPs (read below, ISPs do that, "account locked out".

- if i switch ISPs (130mbit/100mbit downlinks are ok, but one has 8mbit uplink, other has 20mbit uplink, sometimes i need to send some GBs of data and i switch , "account locked out".

- both ISPs have dynamic IPs. And WoWs client is apparently not "smart", to say the least, to "learn" my the IP ranges my ISPs give me across time and the regular, although rare, disconnects (or thats just bad programming, or something that wasnt even thought about before.

Firstly, I opened a ticket on regarding this fact, and the ticket response, albeit fast, was rude, and very close to something i would only call "unprofessional" and "toddlers should not be addressing the public". Cause thats what it felt like, as if a toddler replied to me.

Secondly, I opened an ingame ticket, and luckilly for WoW, there are still professional GMs who can address the customers properly, and the forum was pointed out to me, as "its impossible for GMs to do anything about it". Which i believe, it makes sense.

Back to the matter at hands - like i said, i understand and respect the babysitting Blizz is doing with users account security, but its far from perfect, and in some cases (yeah i might be a minority, so what? shall i be hindered by it? its very aggravating.

Is there anything I can do besides the utopia of always-play-on-same-computer-and-make-sure-my-ip-does-not-change?
Im fine with getting a fixed IP from my ISP, if Blizz then substracts it from my subscription.
The thing is, a fixed IP, in some cases, is more expensive than WoWs subscription.

So, Blizzard, any recommendation? And no, "get several account lockouts per day and live with it" is really not a solution.

Hello Morphosiz,

Thank you for your feedback.

If you are having issues with the security system please contact our Account and Billing support and explain to them, that youre being locked out from your account multiple times in a single day. They will be able to assist you with that and possibly prevent your account from being locked in the same manner again.

You can contact them either by phone:

or email:

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