When I try to log in...

I get "There was a problem logging in with this account. You may not have a word of warcraft account attached to your account, or you may be logging into a region different than the one you originally created your account in".

Help please? None of these are true. I logged yesterday with no problems. I just reinstalled WoW and playing from another computer.
Ran repair, everythings ok.

I now changed my password (I read about other cases and it now tells me that the login server is busy. Is it? Should I really try again later?

After 1 hour, the same problem persists. It still pops the 1st mentioned error message, when I try to log in.

Enter your World of WarcraftDataenGB folder, select the file Realmlist.WTF and open it with Notepad. Make sure it contains the following information:-

set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
set patchlist enGB.patch.battle.net:1119/patch
set realmlistbn ""
set portal eu

Save it and close it.

If you have got any folder in the Data folder named enUS, remove it. Then try to start the game again - if that doesnt work Im afraid you have to reinstall the game.

Visited the Data file and found enUS in it. It then started pathing (the launcher I opened later from setup. The Data/enGB folder also has writes exactly what you wrote.
Nothing... will reinstall... *sigh*

Also, the enUS folder has poped out of nowhere again. When clicked "PLAY" on launcher, another window took its place mentioning that it has to do some settings before wow starts and I may allow the launcher to complete the installation...Something else Id like to ask you Gontier:

I just got Windows 7 (2-3 days ago, and each time I open the wow launcher, windows ask me (access control if it should be allowed to make changes. EACH TIME. Am I doing something wrong? Also, when the launcher/updater/downloader starts a WTF folder is automatically created on my desktop...

Should I install cataclysm by its CD/dvd or should I just let the wrath patcher do the job?

Ty for help. :

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