Unable to zone into instance after finding replacements

I was just in the queue for ZG/ZA, and after 20 minutes, I get put in a group whos just had a member leave at Venoxis (no bosses killed.
Buff up, and engage the boss like normal.
After the ensuing wipe due to the healer and the other 2 dps failing to dodge the poison, the tank left, then the healer and finally the other dps, leaving me alone in the instance.
I naturally used the dungeon finder to search for replacements, since I actually wanted to do the instance. Quite rapidly 4 other players join my "group", me still being inside the instance, at which point Im teleported out of the instance, since apparently it wasnt "my instance".

When I try to teleport back into the instance, I get a message saying:

22:27] You are already locked to ZulGurub (5 Player (Heroic.

This despite me not actually being locked...
A weird thing happened as well. After I failed the teleport, my 280% mount moved at walking speed (character walking speed, even in flight. Demounting and mounting it again made it fly at normal speed.
I also tried to enter the instance portal in STV, but that gave me the same message.

After I left the group, I could enter the instance just fine, and it even asked me if I wanted to be saved to the instance, 0/6 bosses killed (lolwut?.

This is the first time Ive ever heard and experienced stuff like this.

What gives?

got msn so I can contact you about my wow issues?


Bumping for curiosity.

Hello Holyerthanu,

This is not something that has been reported to us before and it looks like either an issue caused by a faulty addon or a glitch with the game.

Please update all the addons you are using to make sure they are working with World of Warcraft and are not causing any issues (3rd party addons are not supported and can cause issues where characters are unable to properly interact with the game environment.

If you experience this issue again when playing on a client with updated addons or no addons at all pelase report this in our bug report thread which you can find here:


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