Not enough storage is available to process this command


My wow keeps crashing after a while (while in main cities. Basically, graphics turns smudgy and color patterns becomes very weird, and when this happens I have maybe 1 minute before it crashes. Happens maybe once or twice a day.

Ive recently bought a new graphics card because I thought this mightve been the problem but it hasnt resolved the issue!

Beginning to think theres something wrong with my memory as Ive had problems with that before. At any rate, heres a crash log:
This application has encountered a critical error:

Not enough storage is available to process this command.

Program: E:World of WarcraftWow.exe
ProcessID: 3404
File: .SIMD.cpp
Line: 142

Requested 3465520 bytes of memoryWoWBuild: 14007
Version: 4.1.0
Type: WoW
Realm: Kazzak (
Local Zone: Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar
Local Player: Reeva, 05000000039AF1DA, (1531.9,-4359.06,20.5483
Current Object Track: Lundgrenjr, 0500000003BF45CD, (1575.37,-4370.7,20.2554
Total lua memory: 55476KB
Current Addon: (null
Current Addon function: UNKNOWN
Current Addon object: (null

Any help appreciated!



Remove your Data/ and Cache folders and see if the issue persists.

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