DirectX 11


So I have DirectX 9/11 but Directx 11 is always active on my client. I go to the Options and change it to 9, then restart client as requested. Log back into the game, check settings and directX 11 has been reenabled. I would love to play with X11 but the problem is when I change any Video setting or sometimes load my client the screen is black (Yes I have updated drivers etc

So my question is, how do I disable x11 and keep x9?

What is your graphic card, just out of intrested as i have GTX 570 and i cannot use Dx11.

Here is one topic i created and there are few tip topics at end maybe you find solution there.

You didnt read my problem at all.

Ok maybe i missunderstand you but you get black screen with Dx11, no?

You want to disable Dx11 but you cant?

World of Warcraft folder-->WTF-->Config WTF-->Open-->Remove SET gxApi "D3D11"--> Save

thank you

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