Virgin Media users

Anyone experiencing problems with latency lately? I know that most people tend to complain about this company and I have had problems with them several times.. really annoying.

Yes, Ive recently upgraded to the 60Mb internet and the Superhub and have experienced problems with latency since Tuesday. No idea what is going on!

Im with Virgin Media and to be fair Ive not had any problems for a while, but today has been rubbish, it’s got worse as the day has gone on, Im now getting over 1000ms so cant play wow.

Last time it was a problem between Virgin and Blizzard (of course both blamed each other, but Blizzard changed something that meant Virgin could to tell if wow was a game or just a download, so it set wow to a low priority and you where lucky to get 1mb download speed.

Fingers crossed it not the same thing again because it took about 5 weeks to fix last time.

tbh im with VM and have the 100mb service and got no probs whatsoever.

im in a area that has recently had the speed upgrade that virgin have been working on over the country since iv had my speed doubled to 60meg iv had constant trouble with lag spikes the game will freeze for a sec carry on and then give me a ms warning of in the 1000s and then return to normal again

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