Authentication Key <- need help

When i bought the new expansion Cataclysm. I had to upgrade my account. But when i got on battle en entered my key and accepted.. I got an error. And now my account isnt upgraded to Cataclysm and when i try to upgrade again... with the same key ofcourse.. The key has already been used.

My battle net account says that my product level is : Cataclysm But when i log on WoW i cant make the new race, and they tell me that i require cataclysm.

So, Please help me!

Thanks for your time.


Could you please perform a password reset and try again in 30 minutes?

Thanks Alot! It worked.

For others with this problem reading this... Its a fast and good solution:


Glad to hear its working fine.

Sorry for bugging , but I have a problem also regarding to Authenticator
Actully its my friend who has this problem

He is trying to log in to and everything is just fine , its just when it comes to Authentication key it doesnt work , Someone from blizzard told him to call so he re activate his Authentication
Im asking is there another solution to activate his Authentication and log in and play normaly ?

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