3G Connection & updating

Ello peeps!

Well im on vacation and i brought my laptop to play some WoW with my 3g stick.
Although the first 2 days everything was fine (was playing about 1hr and used about 150mb
Now i play about 30 mins and consume 300mb.

I saw that there is a sign saying "Downloading data for the next update" on the client and I think that i finde the MB consumming problem source.

So,becouse i have a restriction about how many GB i can spent in a day with the 3g connection i want to ask you if there is a way to stop the update so i consume less mb per hr and be able to enjoy the game while on the vacation!

TY w8ing 4 your answer
P.S: Srry for my bad english :S

Hello there :

Im not blue, but I might be of help :
As you get the sign saying "Downloading data for the next update" I assume your using the WoW Launcher.
What you can do to turn off the Background Downloader, is to start up the Launcher, and before starting the game, you go into the Launchers options menu on the top left, then go to Downloader Preferences.
There youll be faced with multiple options for your Downloader, if the "Download while playing World of Warcraft" box is checked on, uncheck the box and vola!! The Downloader wont start up :o

Hope this sorts the MB consumption out for you, so you can continue playing during your vacation :


it worked have fun peeps!!

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