Is it possible to turn off the background downloader?

Like several other people (see other threads, I am unable to play WoW due to my router crashing whenever I log into WoW.

This does not happen with any other online games and has only been happening since (approximately the beginning of August 2012.

I have been told that this may be due to the constant background download that is going on at the moment.

So, to test this theory, is there any way to turn the background download off ?

Thank you.

Click on launcher wow, so the tiny screen pops up.
Go to Options - download preferences and disable "download while playing world of warcraft" and I think aswell peer-to-peer transfer.

Thank you Inazuma ...

... I have tried that (disabling both "download while playing" AND "peer-to-peer but at the bottom of the launcher it is still marked:

World of Warcraft is up to date
Downloading data for next update

Is that normal ?

I have everything disabled and only have the msg World of Warcraft is up to date" next to the play button. I never seen the other, so cant help you there but I wouldnt say its normal.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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