DC issues

Hi! I have sensed many problems with disconnections in the week. Randomly, but all day i got it and it makes the game unplayable. Sometimes i got dc in an average 5 mins, at other times in every 20 minutes, but its always changing.

Anyone can know any solution for this problem?

Did these disconnects happen mostly when you were near a wall or some other obstacle?

ive been also gettin alot of dcs recently like really bad, never happend b4 apart from the odd arena game but this seems to have gone world wide now and yes its only seems to happen when im near a wall or sum object, ive been looking through forums to find if it was just me would really like a fix for this plz.

fortunately walls does not causing Dc for me, its just random p.e running dungeons, using the flying system, traveling by mount etc. and my connection is fine, so i just dont know what can cause it, hopefully it will be fixed soon :/

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