Constant WoW Crashes

Hey, In need of help here. Every time i try to change my graphics options my game crashes, i get a blank, black screen, i check task manager and wow is "not responding" Seems to be if i change ANY setting. I can live without my ultra settings but the 800x600 resolution is killing me :P Resolution doesnt seem to be in any config files from what i can find, so it doesnt look like i can change it there :(

Anyone else had this problem? know how to fix it without a fresh install? Care to share?
Thanks :


Can you work though the steps in this support article and see if it fixes your issue.

Black Screen When Launching or Playing

Hi Qwertypoop,

Further to what Tiogaradh has suggested you could try the following to help identify if any particular settings is causing you probelms for some reason.

    1. Reduce everything to low / minimum setting if you can.
    2. Bump the resolution up to your desired level.
    3. If the above two steps work (no guarantee try slowing putting up the various settings by a notch to see if one in particular causes problems.

Very odd issue though, especially as I assume youd been working fine for quite some time.

Good luck,


working fine for 5 years :P recently got a new PC, bumped it up to ultra played for a week and now i have problems. and no i cant even put the settings down, very very strange. I have now managed to get my desired settings though, and even got the farclip above ultra from editing the and the game works fine. so, i cant change anything, but im not really bothered by that as its all on ultra now :

Ah, if youve edited a config file directly surely that has the potential to cause problems?

I would like to apply farclip as you call it myself to increase view distances, not so much for terrain, but for players/creatures/mobs etc. as they pop in insanely close. If you tell me what to set Id appreciate it - sorry for going off-topic! :



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