wow schortcut keeps disapearing

ok so as the title says it my wow schortcut of the launcher keeps disapearing on my desktop i add another new schortcut and after a while that schortcut disapears too i need help on how to fix this because i dont want to click my wow in my folder i want it on my desktop whit a shortcut

bummer still no1 to response hope som1 knows the way to fix???

It would help if you provided the following information;

- What Operating System are you using?
- Has this happened with any other shortcuts?
- Can you make a new shortcut to something else, and see if it disappears soon after?

im using windows 7 ultimate 32 bits
no it only happens whit the wow shortcut and it doesnt dissapear when on the MOP beta shortcut that 1 doesnt dissapear
tried to make a shortcut going to the folder launcher then right click and make shortcut but that 1 disapeared also!
also whenever i try to open the launcher whit that shortcut avg says something about a dangerous cookie or something and when i try to find that cookie it there is none ............ im clueless

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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