disconnect issue

Im finding that I frequently get disconnected due to bumpy/sloped terreign, its very random but frustrating because it occurs both in open world and pvp battlegrounds

I played early last year then took an extensive break until a couple months ago, this issue didnt exist the last time I played, it really does feel like its related to the terreign because of the way its happenning, it is quite literally an "instant" disconnect back to the login screen

Im curious as to who else has experienced this and wether theres any solution to it or just information in general, I cant be the only one with the problem

Lots of people experience this if you search the forum for "disconnects near wall" or something similar. Its a new anti-cheat system. This has been happening for more than 6 months, and Blizzard has no clue how to fix it. It gets very, very frustrating if you PvP, relog, and notice that you are now dead.

They could at least disable this system in BGs and arenas. How does that sound, Blizzard?

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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