Game Freezes/Lags every few seconds


Im having trouble with lag/freezes every few seconds....the Freezes (which completely freeze the screen will freeze the screen for around 2-3 seconds and then go back to normal - this happens when flying around zones for example or inside an instance.
Ive reduced all my video settings and it hasnt affected the performance. Also deleted and reinstalled the Gfx and Chipset drivers which hasnt affected it.

Does anyone experience the same issue or have a solution? Im a bit of a computer novice btw, so dumbing answers down for me would be much appreciated! :PAMD Athalon II X2 250 3GHz
NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT


are u from sweden? do u have 100/100 internet fiber? do u have bahnhof or telia?

im from the on a 2mb Skybroadband Line

im having the exact same issues i have tried every thing including drivers so im assuming it must be wows end. ive even disabled the background downloader and still have the same issue, uninstalled all drivers and still the same so im guessing it must have been the patch thing the other day.

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