Mouse Cursor Flickering

Hey! For a while now my mouse cursor has been flickering.

  • This only happens when I play World of Warcraft (Might happen in other games as well, I havent tried, but it doesnt happen when I browse the internet etc.
  • It only happens when I move the cursor. If I hold it still it appears as it should.

  • I have tried turning off "Hardware Cursor" but it feels way too clunky for me, I cant play like that..

    The mouse Im using is the Logitech G500 - Its been working fine until about a month ago when this started happening.

    Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide. I have no idea what may be causing the problem so I dont know what kind of info is relevant.

    Bump =(

    Why bump at 6 in the morning?

    The forums arent moderated 24 / 7.

    i am having the exact same problem and ive tried everything but it doesnt work if you find a solution please let me know, thanks :

    i have found a way, mine is working fine now, if you turn on remove input lag and change the ui scale to 50% and turn hardware curser on it and put all graphic settings to low or good it works hope it helps you :

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