FPS suddenly dropped


A few days ago I experience a very annoying FPS issue. When I log into the game my FPS is about 50-60, but after some minutes my FPS dropped to 10-20 and the game becomes unplayable. Sometimes my FPS come back to normal for a while but most of the time I have to log out and back to get back 50-60 FPS. My all drivers are up to date and my Windows 7 is a clear install. I dont use any addons and there are not other programs are running in the back. My other games (Mass Effect 3, Darkness II, Max Payne 3, Sindycate etc... run perfectly. The temp is correct, its about 75 celsius when I play games.



I seem to also be running into FPS drops since downloading the background patch. Really quite annoying, to be fair.

Ive been having this problem only rarely but since the background data has been completed its been awful.

60+ to between 20-30. Makes raiding nigh on impossible!

just like to add in the unlikely even of a blue post.....

The framerate is now stuck on 20 as an average, certainly no higher. This is with settings on ultra and low, in graphic intensive areas like Org or in less intensive like Durotar, it stays the same regardless

I deleted addons, cleared the wtf files etc, checked drivers, no improvement.

This began in earnest at approx 3pm UK time, the patch is downloaded although the downloader does appear now but just says "waiting"!

I have adjusted the network settings, peer to peer etc and still no improvement, ms and latency no fluctuation, as always very low.


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