WoW Freeze up when i end up in combat or at random

*No addons
*Up to date drivers
*Reinstalled windows twice
*Reinstalled wow 3 times
*new computer
*Very pissed

Everytime i do arena or BGs or duels or kill npcs i randomly freeze up for 1-5 secounds i bought a new computer after trying to reinstall wow and windows several times, From what i have come to discover is that there is something wrong with the client i am given from blizzard.

If you got any idea why this C*AP is not working properly id like to know, i have tried various things that people posted that would be the issue like reload ui, buy new ram etcetc ive tried it all and still no change all i can suspect that its blizzards end of things even if it is a minority that gets this issue. Something is not working so please tell me what it is.

What happens? Well i play normally could be in a main city or randomly somewhere on the map and my wow freeze up every now and then... but when i get into combat i freeze like never before it freeze 1-3 sec then runs for 3 sec then freeze up again and this is mainly related to combat but it will happen on occation while doing random !@#$ like mining "not in combat" or just jumping around.. which also is another thing .. i get disconnected when i jump on certain object in stormwind.

Anyhow if someone knows a good fix for this id be very glad, I am very angry and disapointed in this game right now i have been up all night trying to figure out the issue since i just got my new computer and things are still %^-*.....

Thanks // angry player.

Same problem here. Game is unplayable!

Ive got the same problem here. Whenever I try and open the world map or go through loading screens it just freezes. Its really annoying and sometimes I just close the game because its that annoying.

i freeze loads, and i cant see any other players!

I hope some Blizzard employee will answer on this thread because as it is now i will not buy MOP unless this get fixed.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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