Can't start WoW-Launcher or log in

Hello Blizzard!

I activated my account after about 4 months. And now I cant start the launcher via my desktop. When I start WoW without the launcher through the WoW-folder I can enter the game, but I can not log in. It get stuck on "connecting" for some time and then it says: Unable to connect etc.

No I dont have any problems with my internet connection
No I dont have any problems with my Anti-Virus software nor firewall

So my question is, what to do? I tried to launch the "Repair"-tool in the WoW-folder, but it claims there are no problems what so ever with any file.

Same problem, wicked but I dont have any problems aswell :o

No one else? No solutions?

It seems like I can not play Diablo 3 either, Im having the exact same problem. What the heck is going on? Several days has gone by without me being able to play anything that has to do with Battlenet?

i have a similar problem with me it is stuck at Success!

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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