Freezing and loading screens taking ages

This morning when i went to log on i found that it took me ages to log in, a whole hour and a hour in total, i did alt f4 3 times and try different characters but that didnt seem to work. Then when i finally got in i find that the game is freezing for 2-5 seconds (every 20 seconds or so or when i try to move or use a spell. then suddenly unfreezing.Loading screens are also taking ages to load.
Everything was fine last night, havnt made any changes to it.
I have tried disabling all addons, and using wow repair tool, neither have worked. Also tried rebooting computer.
Another thing which i thought of was the background downloader, my internet isnt the best and it says that that has 3GBs left, i have tried enabling and unabling, download while playing but that seems to have no affect.
Any suggestions on how to fix this as atm the game is unplayable would be really appreciated!
Thanks in advance

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