Router crash??

Hi there,
something strange is happening here these days. For the last 2 days everytime I try to log in wow my connection crash. But the strange thing is that my pc, my cell and the router too tell me that there is connection but I cannot navigate. This stops just when I restart my router. I have a wireless connection and I havent try to plug the wire yet, but this is crazy. I can understand pc crash, program crash... but router crash?? Becauso of a program? Anyone has any idea why ang how this can happen??

Hey Littlebite,

Can you turn off uPnP in your router configuration screen, then try the game again.

Also make sure your routers firmware is up to date, there are links to the most common manufacturers sites here


Ive had something similar with my internet connection appearing to drop out. Seems to be some small glitch in W7 that sometimes happens after a device (in this case your wireless card / dongle has gone into power save mode. or, much more rarely, that the PC has been powered off but the Router remained on (NIC in effect partially powered by the cable can also upset it when the PC is turned on again.

If your phone is working and can access the internet via the wireless connection to the router, it definitely suggests a PC issue, if not possibly its not related to what Im suggesting. What router do you have?

For me, I have a WIRED connection, but it can still happen, pretty much guaranteed if PC has gone into standby, which I no longer let it do.

To fix, simple disable then enable the appropriate connection and all is fine. Hopefully this will work for you.

So, things to check are that your NIC hasnt got "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" checked in its settings. Settings under Properies > Configure > Power Management for the given connection. For some reason W7 has always had a problem recovering properly from this for some devices. E.g. The descrete NIC on one of my PCs suffers from this, but the 2nd NIC built in to the motherboard does not...go figure.

Hope this helps.


I have been having exactly the same problem since about a week ago.

I play via a WiFi connection and have never had any problems in the past, but over the last week it has been impossible to play.

I log in okay, but after 10-45 seconds of playing, Im disconnected. I then have to unplug and reinitialise the router on our houses main computer (which has the wired internet connection. But if I then log back into the game, exactly the same thing happens, again and again.

As I said, impossible to play :(

A friend suggested me to stop the patch download, he had the same problem and tried an early morning download without any problem. He thinks the problem is because of the ammount of simultaneous downloads and I have to assume hes right cause it worked for me too. I just have to set my allarm now, early morning is the key... :

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