wow wine linux optimizer

patch optimizing operation World of Warcraft in Wine
The request test - the gain fps should be to 2 times on two-core and above to system (in 2 times it is a theoretical maximum
This patch sharpens wine on WoW - another 3д the program most likely simply wont go with it wine

Operation essence - it is primary WoW shorthands logic and deduces a drawing in one flow (as works under Windows I do not know

patch - does the following - collects all calls opengl func from the main flow in буффер and sends on execution to the second flow

Thereby the such triple frame buffer is reached
The first frame considers logician WoW - and all commands gather for an output in the buffer
The second frame - an additional flow sends on a video card
And the third frame - that that shows videocartLack of operation WoW in linux in comparison with Windows - very much and very ancient - why so - i do not know

Productivity in game it is possible to measure precisely a trace a method - after a command /script SetTexiBenchmarkMode (1; the trace weeds by a taxi in the end will produce statistics
Also it is possible for those testing

Comments are welcomed :

new verison patch for WoW 5.0
wine recompile not need

cp /usr/lib/ wine Wow.exe -opengl

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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