Mac Stuck at ''Success!''

So here is my problem
When i log in correct pass/email on WoW it is stuck at Success!, When i press Cancel it brings me to Realm Selection when i choose the realm i want its stuck at Logging in to game server and thats how far i can go at logging in i tried waiting several minutes at both but they just wouldnt respond or anything (i dont have slow internet so that shouldnt be a problem. I am patched to Version 4.3.4 i ran the Repair tool from WoW it said it is repaired but the problem didnt go away. I also tried on my Brothers account but that wouldnt work either. World of Warcraft worked before on my Pc and i havent changed a bit about my PC so i would really love someone that could help me out.

-A desperate gamer

Do you have a modem, a router, or both?

I have both but that shouldnt be a problem because it works fine on another PC

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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