Scroll of ress

Well my friend is trying to send me one but i dont get it on my email

thats pretty much it

thanks to anyone who replies :

- What country do you live in?
- When did you last have gametime on that account?
- Are you checking Account Management or your e-mail inbox?

I had the same problem, just realised what caused it later though.

Follow these instructions, should definitely work.
First, go on your account management page, log-in, then underneath on the 2nd column there should be world of warcraft, click on it and itll link you to the WoW page. then click on , after youve done that, go on scroll of ressurection, and there would be 4 tavs, first one would be send invite, second one "received invites", click on received invites and it should be there.

I noticed i didnt receive an email on my registered email address but i did however receive my scroll of resurrection there. Hope i helped. i was in the same situation. ciao

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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