Stuck / Delay after login

Past two days ive been getting really long delays after entering my account details. Seems to get stuck on Success, then if I click cancel it gets stuck returning the realm list.... This can last for ages - not bothered waiting around past a few mins..

Not seen this posted recently so just reckon its my own issue.

Any thoughts...?


I am having the same issue as from today 7pm BST
cannot get passed the login screen
says successful them just stays there same issue on both my accounts.

same here, though I just found out its been doing this

same! ive been having dcs all day which people say is due to battlenet, tried to log in just and stuck at the Success message.

Okay, it has been fine all day until about an hour ago. Now I cant log in as it just hangs on Success!

It did it for about one minute the first time and then I was able to log in fine. Now I cant get on at all, its just stuck there.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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