Launcher cannot obtain patching information

can anyone help?

Cant enter the game cause "launcher cannot obtain patching information. Please check your internet configuration".
Cannot start the game directly either (not using launcher
Tried the LAN-setting mentioned in a lot of threads, didnt work

Tried Repair, got information: "Repair cannot run while Blizzard launcher is open. Please close Blizzard Launcher and run repair again". Problem is I see Launcher.exe under processes when looking at activities but it cannot close/terminate when I hit close process.

Diablo works fine for me so its only WoW that is the problem.

Anyone has an idea what to do?

Hello Uzzy,

Go to the Control Panel and open up Internet Options.
Click on the Connections tab.
Click the button called "LAN Settings"
Uncheck all of the options on that screen.
Then try again.

If the problem persist please tell me :

Hi Ionlykill,

still persists Im afraid...

same problem...

Same problem!

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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