Using CMD hotkeys on a mac.

Hi, Ive just updated my hotkeys to use the CMD key instead of Ctrl - a feature which was enabled with 4.3.

However unlike the keys which use Shift and display on the actionbars as "s-1", what Im seeing with a CMD hotkey is "C...".

I assume this is because its trying to fit "Cmd-1" onto the actionable and doesnt have space.

Is there an easy way to solve this and make it display "C-1", or does it need a fix?

Thanks in advance, Gunver


Instead of using WoWs inbuilt function, you can switch command and controls functionality by opening up System Preferences.
Navigate to Keyboard, and click on the tab Keyboard. Here, select the option Modifier Keys that should be in the bottom right.

Simply switch ?cmd to map as ctrl, and vice-versa.
Do note that this is system-wide, and not limited to WoW!

Although the point of keybinds tends to be to eventually memorise them, not read them on the screen :


FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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