Account wide achievements

I have few questions about account wide achievements.

1. Are they account wide aka if you have 2 accounts merged both will have stuff?

2. Are the achievements/mounts/pets character bound and from the character it will spread to account? i mean if Bob hunter lvl 59 has FoS Scout achievement,oozeling and timber wolf and i delete the character the achievement/pet/mount will vanish from whole account if no other character has em before 5.0.X?

Just wondering if 28th august is the time limit to fix all the stuff on one account since i have name change problems after divorce.

ps. If you answer something give also a source.

edit: Damn wrong support forums, could you move this to customer support :

Posted by Kitemon


I assumed you meant that if you deleted a character today, would anything only that character had be made account-wide when the patch hits. It has nothing to do with random guesses, and everything to do with a question being asked in a way thats difficult to decipher.

But hey, you have your answer, and thats all that matters. :

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