I am extremely sorry to disturb the almigthy Blizzard gods but i am in dire need of help.The moment i try to log in to ANY character on Bronze Dragonflight server(eui get the loading screen to 90% and then i am prompted with the gruesome error:
(I have not experimented such levels of frustration since the first time i laid my eyes upon the error 404.
I am thus extremely concerned with the status of my account and i am really looking forward to ANY possible solution to this.
PLEASE help .

First of all, this does not sound like an account compromise at all. Relax. :

Please rename your Cache folder to Cache.old, your WTF folder to WTF.old, then run the game again and see if the issue is resolved. If not, please make a new character on BD and see if you can log in on it.

The only result of the suggested action was that i am not even able to connect now.
I can not make a new character on BD because i am not able to connect.
In other words things are only worse.
DESPERATELY waiting for an update.
Thank you very much for your time:.

Connection can fail in a few different stages.

Could you please quote the error message verbatim for me?

The FIRST time:
I managed to login to Bronze Dragonflight .I pressed LOGIN on my main Auther and the loading screen would stop at 90% and the the error with "Character not found."would appear taking me back on the enter password screen.

The SECOND time:
After taking your advice i am sadly no longer able to connect to Bronze Dragonflight:(.No error appearing just an unusually lasting "Connecting" box which does NOTHING.
Waiting for the update.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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