MoP Digital version no background downloaad

Hi im not sure if this has been answered from what i see it hasnt (May of missed somthing
But ive just bought the MoP digital version deluxe and got the email reciept whent to load up wow to start background downloader and it says "Intializing please wait" for 2 seconds then "World of warcraft is up to date" and when i click play it loads normally and still nothing downloads- If i manually go into program files--> WoW--> background downloader it says it is finished 21.0gb out of 21.0 GB finished downloadign patch WoW to Patch
So anybody know why my MoP background downloader isnt downloading?

If it is anyting like the other ones it will only be downloading TINY bits of information now if any. The idea of it was to slowly download bits of it to the point of release day where it should all be downloaded.
I could be wrong but I am sure thats what happened previously.

Posted by Regra

Hmm i dont think its doing it bit by bit because i dont get icon to say background downloader is even on/doing its job

Regra it sounds like its finished. It displaying builds and is just a bug.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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