Problems starting WoW

So for some reason WoW no longer seems to want to open on my machine. (Retina MacBook Pro with Mountain Lion. Ive tried the launcher which seems ok but when i press the play it loads the downloader which seems to just sit there with waiting status. Ive already downloaded the 21GB MoP data so it cant be that. Ive also tried starting it straight from the WoW folder through the client application but when i do this it looks like it is trying to load (icon bouncing up and down on my system tray but then nothing happens.

All very strange. Ive tried the repair tool a bunch of times too. No joy.

Any one able to help?

Hmm...diablo 3 seems to be doing the same thing now too...

Nevermind. I think I fixed it.

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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