Blizzard locked my account for no !@#$ty reason at all

Blizzard locked me out of my own account putting me in the same situation agien their system dosnt work on me so i cannot get my password and i cannot log in... this is now the 5th time this !@#$ is happening and by all the tiem i have nothing done wrong. Im really annoyed how they can keep on doing this to me ive been a fine player ive never done anything to annoy them. (at least for what i know

i just hope for that they fix this problem ONCE AGIEN, because i want to play.


First of all, please stop the swearing and calm your self down.

This is probably happening because you have caught a key logger or something.

Do not worry, we will get this fixed :

Step 1. Run an anti virus scan and make sure you dont have any viruses or key loggers.

Step 2. Change the password on your email account (for your own security

Step 3. Go on and change your email address.

Step 4. Change your password to something hard to guess. Password1 or 1234567 is not a good password. iklamnpricov7396 is a good password.
(make sure to remember what time you did this

Step 5. Call Blizzard and explain your issue and also inform them that you changed your password and E-Mail at (the time you changed it
Having your CD-Key for one of your World of Warcraft will quick this process up so you can show that you are indeed the owner of the account or you might have to make a new account and linking your ID etc...

Download a good and free Anti-Virus:

Make a ticket:

Call Blizzard:
Did you know that you can use Skype to call our Support for Free?
Simply install Skype on your computer or phone and use it to dial +44 800 0288246. Skype does not charge you for calls to +44 800 numbers even from outside the UK!

United Kingdom 0800 0288246
Denmark 80 60 22 14
Finland 0800 97442
Ireland 1800 995 092
Italy 800 928389
Netherlands 0800 0202164
Norway 800 83996
Poland 0800 702217
Sweden 020 1605820
Austria 0800 362066
Belgium 0800 81066
France 0805 540514
Germany 0800 5890644
Portugal 800 208979
Russia 8800 5550104
Spain 900 812669
Switzerland 0800 001177

Charges may apply if calling from a mobile phone, check with your service provider for details.

World of Warcraft support is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, and only for customers playing on the European World of Warcraft realms.
StarCraft II support is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
Diablo III support is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish.
Support for all other games is available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish

Hope this helps you out and remember, check for a virus or keylogger before you change your email password, password and email.


Please ignore the above post.

AVG is notorious for causing issues with World of Warcraft.

This webpage will allow you to regain control of your account:

Wow, you hate me huh?

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