Freeze/lag when I loot, open map etc..


Ive had this annoying issue for about a week now and NOTHING seems to fix it.

I would describe the lag as if something was loaded from a database.

When do I get lag?

-Opening my map.
-When I loot an item.
-Just before a boss/mob uses/casts an ability.
-Sometimes my own abiltys makes me lag.
-Opening my bags.

ALL of these ONLY happens ONCE, UNLESS I relog or restart the client.

What have I done to solve the problem?

-Updated my drivers
-Removed ALL addons.
-Reinstalled WoW
-Cleared my cache/WTF/Interface (Including removing, Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard maps
-Lowered the frequency of my RAM
-Tried every setup you could imagine in WoW Options.

I really cant enjoy the game and I everything seems hopeless.

PS: My computer is brand new. I can play BF3 and TERA maxed out @ the same time without the slighest lag. Aka my computer specs are not the issue.


I get the same thing - frustrating.

Try moving your entire WoW folder to a different spot.

C:Program Files (x86World of Warcraft

To C:World of Warcraft

FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this).

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