Why disconnecting when there's a loading screen?


I have a problem - or my friend does actually - and that is that she very often disconnects when theres a loading screen, especielly when joining arena and battlegrounds.

Is this because her computer is too bad, or is there some settings you can change?
I remember some time ago(pretty long time ago that a lot of people had this problem, and they were told to uncheck some settings, but I dont remember what it was.

Anyone knows? Anyone else knows why loading screens of all things makes her disconnect? She can raid and such just fine.

It can be of out of date addons and high latency and also ask her to set the graphics options to recommended, she can see whats recommended for here computer by draging your mouse over the drop box and it will say what the recommended setting is for her computer.

Also ask her to delete the WTF and cache folder in her World of Warcraft folder, dont worry these folders will get automatically made when she launches her World of Warcraft launcher.
Hope this helps your little friend out


Boram can you tell me what router / modem & ISP your friend has?

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