Launcher,Login,Server Selection,Character,Ingame issues

When I start WoW from desktop shortcut it opens 2 launchers simultaneously ,i decide to close one and continue with other one.When i try to log in it stucks at "Connecting" once and when ? see that , press cancel and try to log again.It logs in this time, and now ? have to select my server.When I select my server and press okay it stucks exactly twice everytime at "logging into server" and connects to server after.Now ? have to select my character, when I do it and login to play ,the loading screen stucks about %90 and after that a little box appears in the middle saying "Character not found".I press okay below it and return to character selection,select the same character and try to login again,It stucks at the same time and directly kicks me from the game to main login screen saying "You have been disconnected".Alright ,No problem at all :P I try to login and play again this time and it works. But now i have problems with friend list.My supposed to be friends list is not there, I can not add people (In Real ID people is able to add me but there is no pending request in list.When I exit the game from this situation the whole story repeats itself in the EXACT order.Pls help me with these problems.

Btw i activated this account newly after 4 months or so.

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